Pluma Bus 이용하지 마세요!(Stop to use Pluma Bus!)

(Both Korean and English are available)

정말 너무 화가 나서 참을 수가 없네요. 브라질 Pluma Bus 야간버스  연착되서 1370.1133USD나 날렸습니다.
브라질 버스 Pluma Bus 이용하지 마세요! 이용하더라도 3시간 30분 연착할걸 고려하고 이용하세요.
* 전반적인 상황은 아래 장문 참조. 이 내용을 포르투갈어로 항의해야 하기에… 영어에서 포르투갈어로 번역 가능하신 분 도움 좀 요청 드립니다.

Don’t use ‘Pluma Bus’ in Brazil! or use very carefully because this bus are likely to delay the arrival time as much as 3 hours 30 mins! where I lost 1370.1133USD!!!
(See the detail below, and I am looking forward to translate it into Portuguese so that I will claim to the company and Brazilian people.)

Gmail – Request to compensate the money due to the arrival delay

(sending on 22nd Apr)


I request to compensate the amount of the money 1370.1133 USD due to the arrival delay of the Pluma bus from Foz do Iguaçu to Saõ Paulo.

See the following attachments for the bus details :
Busbud confirmation(sumin yoon, 834227).pdf (already attached in the original email)
Gmail – Your Busbud bus ticket booking details.pdf (already attached in the original email)
Pluma bus ticket.jpg (already attached in the original email)

Below is the explanation for the amount of the money


I lost lots of money, time and my travel due to 3 hours and 30 minutes delay of the bus.

Helping you understand, I was supposed to travel below :


But the problem is that the Pluma bus to Saõ Paulo was delayed by 3hours and 30minutes then arrived in the terminal in Saõ Paulo on 12:45!(It should arrive on 09:15 If i was not misreading the reservation comfirmation paper) There was no unexpected delay like natural disaster except for checking hazardous materials by Polices and Military people (it took maximum 30 mins)
And i don’t understand the bus company(Pluma) or the reservation company(Busbud) didn’t apologize and compensate anything to me!
Because of the fucking companies, I lost my flight to La paz (LPB). As you know, check-in for the international flight (departing on 13:15) should be made 1 hours before the departure(12:15), when is already passed when i arrived in the bus terminal on 12:45.
I tried to search any flight to La Paz arriving in today and there was no the flight but I only found a flight(LA751, LA638) arriving in La paz 09:45AM tomorrow, which cannot connect any flight from La Paz (LPB) to Uyuni 14th Apr because of not enough time (the latest flight(OB302) from La Paz to Uyuni, which is possible to attend the tour, was on 08:10 AM)
So i had to give up all journey in Bolivia, which means I cannot take the overnight buses between La Paz and Uyuni, and the tour.
I still try to not miss the flight from La Paz to Cuzco on 15th Apr but there is a flight from GRU to LPB on 14th Apr with the cost around 350 USD, furthermore I have to pay 55 USD for Bolivia arrival visa even though i have to stay in the airport only because of not enough time. So i had to give up my flight from La paz to Cuzco also and book a new flight from GRU to Cuzco with the cost of 635.94 USD to continue my journey in Cuzco.

Finally I lost the money 1370.1133 USD (applying 1KRW=0.0009USD) as below :

(Of course It is excluded any commission for money withdrawal and transaction, mental damage cost, etc.)


See the attachment, itinery for Pluma bus for the itinery and the following cost.

Please reply me further procedure for compensating or any other excuse by 24th Apr 2017.(If you need, i will provide the more document or evidence) Otherwise I will consider you don’t want to reply me then i will distribute it to every travel site including your facebook page, tripadvisor, lonely planey, etc. as well as prepare official claim to your company.
(If this is not a related issue for Busbud or Pluma bus, please kindly transfer to the other company)